Thing 4: (3) Storify – funny stories for Colin

Have any funny things happened to you in the library? I’ll tell you why I’m asking in a moment. First, Storify. I had actually started using it before Thing 4 – like many things, it suddenly became more attractive when I found there was a free iPad app, which meant I could play around with it at odd moments. I haven’t really graduated much beyond using it as a repository of tweets, but I’ve made three so far. The first two were to chronicle library events: the MmITS AGM featuring a visit to Glasgow by the famous @OrkneyLibrary, aka Stewart Bain, and #GLTU4 – Cellos and Bellows.

Number three is where the funny stories come in. Many years ago, I worked in East Kilbride Libraries with a young man called Colin Hough. We’ve kept in touch sporadically, though I haven’t seen him for several years, but I knew he was starting to fulfil his ambition to be a writer. A few Sundays ago, I was reading a TV review of a short play starring Alison Steadman and was astonished, thrilled and amazed to notice the name of the writer: Colin Hough. Wow, Alison Steadman! He’s arrived, I thought, as I rushed to iPlayer. I thoroughly enjoyed A Civil Arrangement – imagine a less bleak, updated version of one of Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads and you’ve got it about right. I then searched for Colin on Twitter and told him what I thought. Now we are trying to arrange a meet up with other ex-East Kilbride staff, and all because of a TV review.

Anyway, back to Storify. A few days later, Colin tweeted to ask if any of my followers could think of funny stories for his next play, described as Grace Brothers for libraries. I got a few replies, mostly involving disgusting substances, and made them into a Storify for Colin. However, if you can think of any more you are welcome to leave them in the comments here and I’ll pass them on. My favourite was Kate’s story about the naked man in the sink – and if that’s not enough to get you to read about #colinsplay I don’t know what is!

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