Thing 5: Reflective practice

As a chartered librarian of over 30 years standing, with most of those years spent in management positions, reflective practice is second nature to me. It’s also something that I’ve successfully encouraged in others, whether my staff, library school placement students or chartership candidates. I guess the impending closure of my library (two days to go now) and my departure from my job gives me a huge amount to reflect upon – what I’ve learned in the past decades and which skills will be most useful to me in the challenges ahead. That’s not something I feel particularly comfortable doing in public, so instead I’ll leave you with this beautiful reflection of Denali in Alaska – a picture taken by my husband on holiday a few years ago.

Denali, Alaska
Denali, Alaska

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Anabel @ The Glasgow Gallivanter

I'm a proud Glaswegian who loves to go gallivanting both at home and abroad. Join me in my travels, both historic and current. Credit where credit's due: photography mostly by my more talented other half, John.

2 thoughts on “Thing 5: Reflective practice”

  1. You are continuing to encourage reflective practice in others through your blog! I’m reading your entry and wondering how I can follow your example in writing so precisely and succinctly. I am, therefore I witter, and I need to learn to not do that. Good luck with your future challenges – I know that you’ll be more than capable of facing them.

    Gorgeous photo!


    1. Thanks – I always read yours and think they are so clever compared to mine! I guess we all have our own ways of doing things – perhaps together we’d produce the perfect post!


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