Things 17 & 18: Presentation tools

Oh no, where have the weeks gone? I haven’t posted here for over a month. I thought I would have so much time for cpd23 once my job ended – but I didn’t bargain on getting another one almost straight away. And I certainly didn’t bargain on one that involved driving back and forward to Edinburgh every day. The upshot is that I have been far too exhausted to think about cpd, but now I have the incentive of meeting the 30th November deadline for getting a certificate and I’m going to do my best. Posts might, however, be a little shorter than they were before.

I’ve also taken the liberty of combining Things 17 and 18 into one, because I don’t have a great deal to say. User education was never a big part of my job and I relied on PowerPoint when it was, sometimes using the Cephalonian method depending on the circumstances. I thought when Jordanhill closed that I would never have to take a library induction again but in my 3 months at the Agriculture Library I’ve done nine! Getting to grips with such an unfamiliar subject was challenging enough without learning new methods of presentation so I feel I’ve met my cpd obligations.

I do, however, have experience as a user of many of the tools mentioned in Things 17 and 18. I’ve never created a Prezi, but one of my former colleagues started experimenting with it and I’ve used one of hers when I covered classes for her. If done well (i.e. without too many swoops) they can be very effective, and I’ve downloaded a Prezi reader for my iPad so that I can keep up with any interesting presentations that I come across on Twitter or blogs. Likewise Slideshare – I’ve read plenty by other people but never had anything worth posting myself. I’ve no experience of Jing but, again at Strathclyde, we were starting to look at Camtasia so I have a little knowledge of that. Finally podcasts – I’ve been using them for years on my iPod.

In conclusion, as a consumer I can see how useful these tools can be. Once I am “retired” again, I might have time to experiment with them and think of some uses, but this time I really do think my days of user education might be behind me!

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