Book Week Scotland 2013

For a whole week, the country celebrated books. Book Week Scotland ran from 25th November until 1st December, during which period I attended three events at Glasgow Women’s Library and organised a little something myself.

Making it Home

Making it Home is a project which brought together the Maryhill Integration Network in Glasgow, an organisation of refugee, asylum-seeking and migrant women, and Women Supporting Women from Pilton Health Project in Edinburgh. The project was coordinated by the Refugee Survival Trust, and built connections and understanding between two groups who might not normally have met for both geographical and cultural reasons. The women worked with poets and film-makers to produce four short works on the theme of “home” or “coming home”. I liked the ambiguity in the project’s title – Making it Home could mean turning a house or a new country into a home; or finally arriving at your home. The results support both interpretations.  As part of Book Week Scotland, Glasgow Women’s Library hosted an event to show the films and hear the poems which inspired them. This was a very moving experience – the films are also online at project website if you would like to watch them, which I recommend. For a few more tweets, see my Storify.

Drama Queens and Reading Hour

Drama Queens is an ongoing series at GWL in which we read plays from the archive. For this Book Week Scotland special we did A Pageant of Great Women, written in 1909 by Edith Craig, in which Woman confronts Prejudice with a succession of worthy women in an attempt to convince him that women should be able to vote. We even got to choose sashes to be our favourite women.

Reading Hour was exactly that – an hour to sit and read with other women while drinking tea and eating cake. Perfect!

Books and Bhoona

This was my own contribution to Book Week Scotland’s Big Book Bash strand, in which everyone was encouraged to organise their own book event, and counted as #GLTU11 in the Glasgow Library TweetUps series. Five booklovers gathered over drinks and a curry on Friday night. We’d each brought along a mystery book containing a note as to why we’d chosen it. We passed the books round the table and everyone went home happy with their gifts.

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