My Book Week Scotland

I more or less moved in to Glasgow Women’s Library for last week’s Book Week Scotland! My first event was Drama Queens – a play-reading group – but this is ongoing and part of a bigger project, March of Women, so I’ll return to that at a later date. Next, I attended the launch party of the Commonwealth Women Writers collection. I wasn’t part of the group which set this up, but I have been very busy over the last few weeks cataloguing the books so felt entirely justified in scoffing my free lunch and listening to several authors reading from their work. I especially enjoyed talking to Velma McClymont afterwards – pictured here with two of her books which I had just catalogued the day before.

Later the same day, the short-listed stories and poems in GWL’s third annual “Dragon’s Pen” competition were read, mostly by their authors. This year, the writing had a sectarian theme to fit in with another GWL project, Mixing the Colours. The non-fire-breathing dragons gave their feedback then retired to deliberate on their verdicts. Things were apparently tense until it was decided that one poem and two stories could be awarded prizes. It was lovely to spend almost an entire day being read to.

On Friday – guess what? More reading! For Reading Hour (complete with tea and cakes) we took turns reading aloud from our choice of story or poem then indulged in some silent reading. I read Maya Angelou’s uplifting poem Still I rise. I was lucky enough to hear her talk once, and can report that she was as inspiring in person as she was on the page.

Book Week Scotland was managed wonderfully, as ever, by Scottish Book Trust. I took part in their vote for the favourite character in a Scottish book – my choice (Miss Jean Brodie) came eighth. I suppose a top-10 finish isn’t bad! I was also interested in their Artworks for Libraries project, especially as I know one of the artists slightly: Rosie Cunningham, who designed a set of flags for Shetland. (I’ve written about Rosie before on my travel blog.)

So, that’s it for another year. Has anybody else been to anything good in Book Week Scotland?

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