What’s good about libraries? L

Library A to Z: LI’m following the A to Z Challenge by posting every day in April (except Sundays) about the importance of libraries. I’m using the Library A to Z advocacy materials and a small selection of quotations in each post.

What good things about libraries begin with L?

Languages; learning; leisure; lending / loans; librarians / library staff; literacy; literature; local studies; local to users.

Some L quotes:

Doris Lessing: With a library you are free, not confined by temporary political climates. It is the most democratic of institutions because no one – but no one at all – can tell you what to read and when and how.

John Lubbock: We may sit in our library and yet be in all quarters of the earth.

John Lydon: Libraries are the most important essential part of our culture and civilisation.

L is also for Love Letters to Libraries, a feature of last year’s Book Week Scotland, from Scottish Book Trust. The Guardian ran a similar series. Great reading! And, to finish off, try this short video on Libraries in the Internet Age.

Do you have any other suggestions for L?

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2 thoughts on “What’s good about libraries? L”

  1. Great list! Lending and Literacy are really the basis for public libraries. I have one more “L word” for your list – Legal. Online legal resources including databases of legal forms that have replaced books and legal thrillers.


    1. Yes, good idea. Also, more and more government business is being pushed online and many people don’t have the resources or ability to deal with that on their own.


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