Spotted in Bermuda

A few weeks ago we escaped a dreary, wet Glasgow for a week in Bermuda. It’s a beautiful place about which a full set of posts will appear on my travel blog in due course. In the meantime, here are a few book and library-related items for your delectation.

Above is the National Library in the capital, City of Hamilton – I suspect it’s the only library, though it also has a children’s section in a separate building.

Elsewhere in Hamilton were these fabulous sculptures of people reading. The telephone box is in the Old Town of St George’s – it calls itself The Telephone Book Swap Library so it’s covering all options.

Finally, next to our hotel was Bermuda College Library. I think I could survive working here.

Happy Christmas!

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Anabel @ The Glasgow Gallivanter

I'm a proud Glaswegian who loves to go gallivanting both at home and abroad. Join me in my travels, both historic and current. Credit where credit's due: photography mostly by my more talented other half, John.

2 thoughts on “Spotted in Bermuda”

  1. How wonderful to have escaped this grey … and then interesting buildings and libraries to look at – I agree I think I could work there quite happily for a while!!

    Happy Christmas and New Year now you’re home .. cheers Hilary


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