International Book Giving Day

Forget chocolates and flowers for Valentine’s Day – it’s also International Book Giving Day on Sunday.

The Glasgow Gallivanter

IBGDWhat is International Book Giving Day? It takes place on 14th February each year and aims to get books into the hands of as many children as possible. Some facts:

  • Most children in developing countries do not own books.
  • In the United Kingdom, one-third of children do not own books.
  • In the United States, two-thirds of children living in poverty do not own books.

To support the day, you could give a book to a friend or family member, leave a book in a waiting room for children to read, or donate a used book, in good condition, to a local library, hospital or shelter. You can download book-plates from the site to include in your gift.

There are also numerous charities that work year round to give books to children. Ones I like are:

In the past I’ve

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Advent Calendar Day 8: The Gift of Reading by Anabel Marsh

Soveig Werner has had the lovely idea of turning her blog into an Advent Calendar. I’m the guest today, writing about charities which bring books to children who otherwise wouldn’t have any.

Solveig Werner

Image Source: Pixabay 

The gift of reading by Anabel Marsh

Reading is the greatest gift – it opens up so many new worlds. It’s not just the obvious benefits of functional literacy: stories have the power to bring emotions to life, by helping children to understand their own feelings and those of others. In other words, reading builds empathy*, the ability to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” – and isn’t this something the world needs more than ever these days?

The children in your life probably already have easy access to this gift. I certainly did – that’s me in the picture, aged three, with one of my Christmas presents. However, many children don’t have the advantages of growing up in a house full of books, or with parents that take them to libraries. Every Christmas, I try to do something about that. This year, I’ve chosen The…

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Pink flowers for Susan

Susan Reid, who died recently, was a librarian at the University of Dundee. I had known her, off and on, through various library organisations for over 20 years and liked her very much. Her funeral is today and I’m not able to go, but in response to her sister’s request to  “please wear a touch of pink as a tribute to our lovely girl” this is my small contribution.

If anyone reading this also knew Susan and wishes to commemorate her, there is a memorial service next month (the Chaplaincy, University of Dundee, Friday 23rd May at 3pm) which I shall be attending, and a Just Giving page set up by her son, Jamie, in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

Susan was just 56, the same age as me. I am so thankful for my life and health today. RIP @Daisyblueshoe.