This might be a place for humming birds

This might be a place for humming birds (an English translation of San Pedro de Laguna, a small village in Guatemala where artist Manuel Chavajay lives and works) is the current exhibition at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA). I visited it this morning with a group from Glasgow Women’s Library’s Seeing Things project, which brought the added bonus of being shown round by a curator. I loved both the quirky ceramic pots, which could be seen from all angles as they were hanging from the ceiling rather than isolated on plinths, all of which had representations of crime scenes on them, and the paintings. The mural Limoneta surrounds an entire room and represents Guatemalan modes of transport.  B’eleje Q’ij Melonaq ja Qach’alal is a sequence showing a funeral feast, and the two untitled images show a boy with a kite and a working man carrying the weight of the central bank on his shoulders.

The exhibition also featured Rebecca Wilcox, whose art involved a lot of listening and was therefore not so photogenic or (for me) so easy to relate to, and runs until 18th January. Well worth seeing.


Mini library at Scotland Street

026How nice to see joined up thinking between two parts of Glasgow Life with this mini library at Scotland Street Museum. I almost forgave them for taking away the café! Scotland Street was originally designed as a school by Charles Rennie Mackintosh; these days it has displays on the history of education, including mock classrooms from different eras. However, last week I was visiting a temporary exhibition, Liz Lochhead’s Competent at peever, which was absolutely great. If you’re interested, there are pictures of the exhibition on my travel blog – which will also tell you what peever is if you don’t already know!