Vote for the Oak! European Tree of the Year

Please vote for the Suffragette Oak, as nominated by Glasgow Women’s Library, as European Tree of the Year!

The Glasgow Gallivanter

European Tree of the YearGlasgow’s Suffragette Oak was planted on 20 April 1918 to commemorate the granting of votes to (some) women. Last year, Glasgow Women’s Library nominated it as Scotland’s Tree of the Year and I know that some of you voted for it, for which many thanks. It won, and throughout February the Suffragette Oak is part of the European Tree of the Year competition. On Monday I and GWL colleagues Wendy and Beverly braved the wind, rain and mud to promote it while shivering in white dresses. The photo-call was also attended by the Lord Provost of Glasgow, Sadie Docherty. (A Provost is a Mayor, and a Lord Provost is always a Lord even when she’s actually a Lady.) I would be so grateful if you could reward our dedication by voting for us here!

A bit of background information about some Scottish Suffragettes:

  • Mary Hamilton – later a Labour MP (1929) and a lifelong campaigner for equal pay.
  • Marion Dunlop…

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We won! Scotland’s Tree of the Year

In my last post, I wrote about Glasgow Women’s Library nominating the Suffragette Oak, which was planted in 1918 to commemorate some women getting the vote, as Scotland’s Tree of the Year. Well, we won! At a reception at the Scottish Parliament last night we were presented with a trophy, certificate and banner.

Here’s the tree and its banner:

And here we are winning at the parliament!

Now we go on to compete to be European Tree of the Year next year. I might be asking for your votes again – thanks to anyone who voted for us this time!

The sound of my own voice

Last week, I had the weird experience of hearing my own voice twice. With another Glasgow Women’s Library volunteer I did an interview on Radio Scotland about the Suffragette Oak. This was planted in 1918 to commemorate women being granted the vote – well, some women: those over 30 who owned property. It wasn’t till 1928 that all women over 21 got it. The Library has nominated the tree to be Scotland’s Tree of the Year – it would be great if you could follow the link and vote for us please! The radio interview is on the BBC iPlayer – start at 1hr 49m to hear it.

Earlier in  the week, I attended the premiere of the Library’s film March about the suffragette pageant we re-enacted in the Spring. I’m interviewed in that too! So I’m quite the media star these days. Autographs on request 😉