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Picture Kelpies Book Launch Picture Kelpies Book Launch

I was invited to a book launch last week by my friend Lynne Rickards. She’s a picture book author and her publisher, Floris, was holding an event at the Lauriston Hall in Edinburgh for four of its Picture Kelpies authors. That’s Lynne in the turquoise scarf above, being introduced with the other authors who flank Chair Lindsey Fraser in the centre.

I can’t remember if I met Lynne on Twitter and then bought her books for the library I worked in, or if it was the other way round. Whatever, we soon discovered that we lived quite close to each other and have met several times since. Her current book is Skye the Puffling, and she had brought Skye along with two other characters, puffins Lewis and Harris, who featured in earlier stories. If you know anything about Scottish geography, you will be spotting a trend in the…

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I'm a proud Glaswegian who loves to go gallivanting both at home and abroad. Join me in my travels, both historic and current. Credit where credit's due: photography mostly by my more talented other half, John.

2 thoughts on “Skye the Puffling and other stories”

  1. Hi Anabel – I thought I’d commented .. but obviously not … I’ve had to withdraw from the A-Z .. but loved these stories and the thought of you being able to listen and join in .. then the supper – a fun time .. cheers Hilary


    1. Hi Hilary – you did comment on my other blog, this is just a reblog! I’m not really using this one any more but I do reblog book / library pieces from The Glasgow Gallivanter just in case someone is still reading. I saw you had withdrawn from A to Z – that’s a shame. I decided not to sign up at all this year. Hope all is well.


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